Monday, February 3, 2014

Is Religious Ed Canceled?

Is class canceled?

For some parents who do not have electronic communication, they don’t have a way of knowing. So, effective immediately, in addition to the long-standing ways in which cancellations are communicated, whenever classes are cancelled, a sign will be posted on the front door of the school’s main entrance. The sign will read, in large, bright red letters, “CANCELED. CANCELADO.” The sign will be visible from the street.

Is class canceled? As announced each year, there are several other ways parents can stay informed of this.

NEW: Sign up for text alerts. To sign up, go to and click on the Text Alerts logo under Cancellations at the top of the left hand column. Fill out the form and click Submit. It’s that easy!

By Email: If you’d like to be notified of cancellations by email, please send your name and address to Mr. Lenburg at

By Internet: Cancellations are announced on the parish website,, as well our sister social networking sites on Facebook ( and Twitter (

On TV: Cancellations are also announced to WNDU-TV, Channel 16. Cancellations are scrolled over the air and listed as St. Michael Cath Church under Worship on the channel’s website at

So is class canceled?

There are many ways to find out. Save a trip. Check first or sign up for the many ways you can be notified. Or, if you show up for class, look for the big red sign.