Thursday, May 8, 2014

Notes from Fr. John - May 11

Dear Friends,

I want to thank everyone for the generous response to the Increased Offertory Appeal. I was surprised and pleased at how many people came forward and responded so generously. May God bless you for that generosity.

As one of the results of our parish development process, we will make a few changes. We discussed ways of making our parish more welcoming. Instead of saying the Vocation Prayer, we will turn to those near to us and greet and welcome them to our community. It will be brief and will not make Mass any longer. We can greet old friends and welcome new visitors.

We will also make a change in the Eucharistic Adoration schedule. We have had periods during the day when no one is there. It was expressed that some (people) would/may come in the evening. We will shorten the time during the day and set some time in the evening.

We will make these changes starting June 1.

Thank you!

Fr. John