Thursday, May 22, 2014

Notes from Fr. John - May 2

Dear Friends,

We have done some hard work over the last few months.

We did a short parish development process. We had two listening sessions. If memory serves right, we had about 70-85 people; they were invited to make any observation, suggestion that they thought appropriate. The Pastoral Council and I went through them, trying to organize the ones we thought we could work on into the areas of prayer and liturgy, evangelization, catechetics and social ministries. We then had meetings to work on these.

Starting next Sunday (first Sunday of June), we will begin implementing more of those decisions.

One was the area of welcoming people and to create more of an environment of welcome. Before each Sunday Mass, after the welcome and announcements by the cantor, instead of saying the Vocation Prayer, we will turn and greet one another for a moment, and then begin the entrance hymn.

Also, Jack Davis has graciously worked to set up a way for us to visit and talk after Mass. I'm grateful for his leadership on this.

Another area was the question of Eucharistic Adoration. There have been many times when no one was in the Church when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. After some discussion we had decided that we would have Adoration in the morning until noon oand the a second time in the evening from 7-8:30 p.m. both on Wednesdays. Obviously, as something new, we will need to evaluate as how this works.

And of course, we did the Increased Offertory Programs. I am grateful to everyone for their generous response and support for the program and the parish.

May God bless you all --everyone
Fr. John