Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kroger No Longer in SCRIP Program

Kroger is no longer a participating member in the SCRIP program. All reloads made by December 31st will be accumulated in the rebate total. Kroger will accept gift cards as long as the parish has them. There is no need to reload them anymore because the parish will not receive any money.

Starting in March, Kroger will be starting a new program using their PLUS cards which St. Michael will receive a percentage of purchases made. Further information will be available.

This year the SCRIP program is currently $2,000 in profit. Every one's help is needed to increase this profit.

If you currently do not purchase SCRIP, give it a try. It's so easy. If you have a family member or friend whose children attend St. Michael School, you can help them with their tuition by purchasing SCRIP.

Let's all step forward and support the SCRIP program.
--Pat Lenne