Sunday, November 8, 2015

Father John, Carolina Sánchez (Director of Religious Education), and Dwight Noble (7th Grade CCD teacher) attended an all-day diocesan workshop in Warsaw. The theme was on the Theology of the Body. Bishop Rhoades has asked that the Theology of the Body be taught to all 7th graders in Catholic schools and in religious education in the diocese. There was a separate workshop for the Catholic schools.

Theology of the Body is St. John Paul II's approach to Catholic teaching on sexuality and morality. It is a framework for understanding Catholic teaching in a way which is positive and systematic.

It will be a program consisting of 12 hours of teaching and presentation. It is intended to be added onto the other curricula, not instead of.  There will be a presentation for parents of both Catholic school students and religious education students. They may choose to not have their children participate, but they will need to make this known in writing.

There is a link to the publisher of the materials on the religious education page. You can learn more there.