Thursday, March 26, 2020

Trying Times!!

From the pastor:

These are very difficult times, and we will have many more challenges before we get through things.

My superiors want me to stay up at Fatima at Notre Dame, as we go through this. It is difficult for me, as it will be difficult for all of us. With everything shut down, our means of being together will need to be by way of social media, the phone, and internet.

We have to "stay in place, hunker down" so that we can get through this. We need to focus on the future, the time that we can all gather in church again as part of our hope. We can't pick up where we left off, if we don't stay strong and healthy!

I see parishes closing their offices. I may close ours, as well as the school office. Part of it is to protect the staff and their families--and the priests. We also want Fr. Craig to stay healthy! The best thing we can do is to stay home, keep social distance, and wash our hands.

You can reach me by phone at 574-281-9814. I will try to put things on the web page,, Facebook, and on the parish app. There is, of course, email:

One of the priests here at Fatima said that we don't want social distance, we want physical distance. Through prayer and communication, we remain close to one another. Good idea.

I know this isn't the way we always did it (Oooops, $5 to Fr. Craig), but it is the way we need to do it now!!

God bless! Stay in touch and in prayer!

Father John