Friday, May 29, 2020

Information for First Communion Masses

We are living in unusual times with some very special circumstances. We need to do all that we can to protect everyone's health. We ask for your understanding and help in order to protect everyone.

When you come for First Holy Communion, you should have signed up with Eventbrite for a reservation. Seating is limited. With social spacing, there will be room for the 18 First Holy Communion children and for three persons with each one of them.  Please do not bring more. They will not be allowed at the Mass. Space for four people (including the child) is set aside so that they will be six feet away from another child. There will be no space available for more people.

The Mass will be livestreamed at  You can also find this link on the Saint Michael webpage www.saintmichaelplymouth under the link “OnlineMass”.  You can watch on your computer, laptop, iPad, phone. The link can also be found on the webpage at Online Mass.

No one should come to Mass if:
·        They have any symptoms,
o   Cough
o   Fever
o   Loss of sense of smell or taste
·        They have some one in the family where they live who has contact with a person who has been exposed,
·        They have been in contact with some one who has the virus,
·        They themselves or some one in the household has tested positive within the last 14 days,
·        They are over 65 years of age.

Please arrive one half hour (30 minutes) before the scheduled time of the Mass.

We are planning on using a non-touch thermometer to check people’s temperature. We will have medical professionals to check temperatures.  If any one has an elevated temperature, the nurse will assess them. She will decide if they can stay for the Mass. We do not want to risk the health of anyone at the Mass. This is for the safety of all.

There will be no procession of entrance or exit.

There will be no rehearsal.

Communion will be given only in the form of the host—not the chalice.

There will be no group photo.

Keep in mind that besides the other two Masses, we will have a Mass for First Communion in the fall when we hope to have had more experience in dealing with the virus and we hope that it subsides.

Everyone (except two years old and younger and people who have trouble breathing) coming to the Mass must wear a mask. It will come off only to receive Holy Communion.

The religious ed teachers will seat people. You will be assigned where to sit.  They will also “direct traffic” for going up to and returning from reception of Holy Communion.

We encourage parents to talk with their children about how to receive Holy Communion: How to put their hands out, when to say Amen, or receive on the tongue, etc.

We plan to distribute the First Communion certificates at the Mass. We still need some baptismal information for some children. We will not be giving certificates if we don’t have the complete information to record.

These things are not the way we would have preferred them, but they are necessary for the safety of all.