Thursday, May 7, 2020

Things We Must Do to Get Ready to Have Sunday Mass

Help We Need in Order to Have Sunday Mass

We have a number of tasks that need to be taken care of in order to have Sunday Mass. (We do not yet have permission for daily Mass.) We do not have a "blanket permission" for Sunday Mass. We have to fulfill certain conditions and provide a safe environment.
We need to ask younger people to step up and take some tasks. Those who are 65 and older or with chronic conditions--many of those who have served the Church generously and well--need to stay home for their own protection.
We will need people--adults and other young people- who would volunteer to clean the church after each Mass. We hope to have small groups of four. We would like one person to be the team leader.
We also need to expand the number of ushers. Our ushers have served us well for a very long time. But we need some others as well to help them, as well as help cover for those who are over 65 years of age during this crisis. They will need to help make sure people are "socially distant" and that we don't go beyond the limits of what our church can hold with people 6 feet apart.
If you would like to help with these tasks so that we can have Sunday Mass again, please contact (call, text, email) Fr. John or Fr. Craig:
Fr. John 574-281-9814
Fr. Craig 574-387-3006
Let's serve our parish, set example for our youth and children, and honor those who have served us for so long and well--and "hold the fort" until our older members can return and serve again!
Fr. John