Pastor: Rev. John S. Korcsmar, C.S.C.
Parocial Vicar: Rev. Craig Borchard
Director of Religious Education: Carolina Sánchez 574-780-8971
Administrative Assistant: Katie Baca, 936-4935
Bulletin Editor/Parish Secretary: Maria Figueroa
Bishop's Appeal Committee: Ed Rodriguez. 936-0502.
Pastoral Council:  Norma Rodriguez; Donna Chaney, Krysta Magee,  Marcela Méndez, Angeles Teles, Maria O. Garza

God's Housekeepers: Tess Greer, 936-7027
Snow Shoveling Team:
Collection Counters: Katie Baca
Sunday Coffee/Fellowship:

RCIA: Mike Sumpter
Religious Education (CCD): Carolina Sánchez, 574-780-8971
Funeral Arrangements: Father John, 936-4935
Weddings: Father John
Quinceañeras: Fr. John, Angela Teles
Baptisms: Father  John, Fr. Craig and Rosa Ramirez
Adoration: Father John
Alpha, Chosen, Altarnate: 574-935-3882
Bible Study: Mary Smith 936-3907,
Prayer Line: Caroline Faultich, 540-6407; Joanne Jeffirs, 935-5258
Bereavement: Joella Carll, 952-2780, Jeanne Boomershine
Hospital/Homebound Communion Visits: Mary Seig Hoover, 935-4729
Children's Service (at Mass): Cassie Feece, 574-935-3882, 780-4494
Single Women at the Well: Becky Collins, 574-952-0603
R.J.'s Reading Group: Jack Davis, 936-8103
Women's Reading Group: Mary Kay Davis, 936-8103

Principal: Amy Weidner, 936-4329
Vice Principal: Mary Spoor
School Secretary: Molly Kuykendall, 936-4329
Maintenance: Julia Morales, 936-4329
School Advisory Board: Jason Faulstich, Amy Weidner, Mary Spoor, Maria O. Garza, Marcela Méndez, Father John, Curt Feece, Katie Baca, Maria Figueroa, Dr. Angie Hummel, Jack Davis

Greeters: Maria Figueroa, 936-4935\
Altar Server Trainers: Adam Lemmler 574-646-3024
Altar Server Scheduling: Andrea Schmalzried (935-3531)and Salvador Baca 780-5109
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Donna Chaney, 936-7546
Proclaimers of the Word: Madeline Johns, 936-3797
Ushers: Harold Schmidt, 936-4979
Music Ministry: Kimberley Mendez

Parish Finance Council: Charlie Fox, Vickie Hite, David Fortin, Jared Weidner, Joe Adams
SCRIP: Krysta Magee 574-952-4004
Electronic Giving: or 800-875-7430

Knights of Columbus: 
Grand Knight: Quentin Flagg
Hall Rental: Steve Kopetski, 935-5307
Bingo: Mike Chippas
Altar Rosary: Chris Morrow, 574-504-9686
Harvest House (55and better): March-May; September-December, Alice Ruiz, 936-1275
Angels  Girls' Club: Carol Blake, 936-2606
Mother's Group: Brigid O'Daniel, 574-303-9839

Funeral Dinners: Barb Lowery
Meals for Parishioners: Sarah Thangham, 780-5549; Chris Morrow, 540-9686
Welcoming Committee:  Chris Morrow, 540-9686
Faith in Indiana:  Norma Rodriguez, 274-4110