DRE Job Description

St. Michael Parish
Plymouth, Indiana
DRE, St. Michael

St. Michael Parish is a large parish in a rural setting. It includes people and families living in several towns in Marshall County. It has both a religious education (C.C.D.) program and a parochial school. The school has a long history of excellence and achievement in education. Our population includes Anglo, Latino, Asian and other groups. Our goal is to pass on the Faith and make lifelong disciples of all these peoples in culturally and linguistically appropriate ways so that we may be the Body of Christ.

The Director of Religious Education (DRE) is a member of the pastoral staff and shall be responsible for the Faith Formation of children and adults of the parish to be carried out according to the catechetical norms of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. The director of religious education works to ensure a well-rounded faith and sacramental preparation formation program is developed for the parish.

The director also oversees the religious education training including children, youth, adults, and the RCIA process in religious education programs, including C.C.D. and the school.

The director also works with other members of the parish staff and ministries to foster cohesiveness among all ministries. The director reports to the pastor.
Desired Qualities\Qualifications
The DRE should have a strong foundation and understanding of the Faith. His/her faith should also be expressed in the way he/she lives the faith. The DRE should be able to do cross-cultural ministry:
1.     Write and speak both English and Spanish,
2.     Have intercultural competencies for ministry,
3.     Demonstrates capability to carry out administrative and supervisory duties in a timely fashion, utilizing good communication and relationship skills.
4.     Participates in ongoing formation and educational opportunities to keep current on trends in catechetical ministry,
5.     Must be able to work both independently and in a team environment,
6.     Must be self-motivated and able to multitask,
7.     Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel and Google documents is highly desirable,
8.     Ability to work independently to organize and arrange priorities.
Ideally, the DRE would have or be working on a master’s degree in theology.

Participates in staff meetings,
Participates in school staff/teacher meetings,
Oversees teacher training,
            Keeps track of participation in Education for Ministry, Echoes of Faith, and other programs.
The DRE assists the teachers in preparing students to become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. This may include helping teachers with lesson plans that supplement the text book. That could include videos, field trips, etc.
In conjunction with the pastor and in compliance with diocesan guidelines, sets the general direction of the religious education program and develops the curriculum for youth and adult faith formation.
Works in developing and implementing an effective, well-rounded, culturally appropriate, faith formation program.
Coordinates/sets the yearly calendar.
Recruits, trains, and provides ongoing support to volunteer catechists, assistants and other volunteers.
Records, tracks, and works with parents regarding attending,
Attends the Education for Ministry diocesan program.

Work with St. Michael School
The DRE provides knowledge and resources to assist school teachers and administrators. Therefore, the DRE will:
·       prepare liturgy sheets to assist teachers in planning weekday Masses,
·       practice with students who will be reading during weekday Masses and other prayer services,
·       provide suggestions for A/V materials to be used in the classroom,
·       as needed, provide resources to teachers for use in their own faith,
·       assist in the sacramental preparation of student, as needed.

If you are interested in this position:

Please contact the pastor, Fr. John S. Korcsmar, CSC at 574-936-4935 or jkorcsmar@gmail.com.