Religious Education 2020-2021


St. Michael Parish will be conducting Religious Education classes (CCD) for the 2020/2021 school year in a slightly different fashion this year.  These changes are because of the following:

1.      The Covid-19 pandemic forces the Church to use innovative methods of catechesis to ensure social distancing requirements set out by government and diocesan guidelines

2.      "The Church is called to cooperate with parents through suitable pastoral initiatives, assisting them in the fulfillment of their education mission to become above all the first catechists of their own children." (Directory for Catechesis, §124)

During this CCD School Year, 1st and 2nd year First Holy Communion students….(to be filled in by Cassie)

Non-sacramental prep years (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students) will be meeting virtually through Zoom meetings and will be taught by Dwight Noble. (to be filled in by Dwight)

Both 1st and 2nd year Confirmation Preparation classes will be taught primarily by the students' parents.  Emphasis for 1st year Confirmation Prep students will be on Sacred Scripture and will use the The Great Bible Timeline from Ascension Press as curriculum and will be provided to 1st year Confirmation Prep parents and students.  In addition, Jim Pask will meet with parents only on October 7th to outline the program and explain how those parents can use these resources to proclaim the Gospel message to their children.  The parents will be required to attend a second meeting which will be in the form of a four-hour retreat that will be available on two different dates to be announced in the future.  Following the retreat, parents will then meet with Mr. Pask on a monthly basis at St. Michael school to receive help and to review the progress of their students.  Students will meet simultaneously with assistant instructors to assess their progress toward Confirmation requirements. 

2nd year Confirmation students will use a similar program to the 1st year except the parents will use a different curriculum (also provided by the St. Michael Religious Education Program).  They will use the Ascension Press Curriculum Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation. Parents will meet with Curt Feece on October 7th and he will introduce the details of the program.  Chosen will be available in both English and Spanish languages.  2nd year Confirmation Prep parents will also need to attend one of the two four-hour retreats to start and will then meet once a month with Mr. Feece while the students meet with the assistant instructors for monthly assessments.

We feel that these innovative programs will finally allow our Catholic parents to be the primary teachers of the faith to their children. These will also give the parents help and ongoing guidance during the year so that they can not only catechize, but evangelize their families.