Temporary Office Phone Numbers

You may reach all of us by calling the parish number (473-936-4935) and dial the appropriate extension.

While the office is closed during the shelter in place, you may reach our parish office staff at:

Katie Baca       574-316-0325

Maria Figueroa    574-316-0464

Father John        574-281-9814

Father Spenser    574-318-0098

These are mobile numbers for the Plymouth area. You may call or text.

Fr. John's temporary mailing address (Fatima) is:
Rev. John S. Korcsmar, CSC
P.O. Box 929
Notre Dame, IN 46556

jkorcsmar@gmail.com or

You can also find information on our Facebook pages:

      Rectory St Michael

      CCD St. Michael's

You can also download and sign on the MyParish App.