Ways to Stay Informed

 As a parent it is your responsibility to stay informed. These are ways to help you to be informed of what is happening in the parish and in religious education:

 1.     Evangelus is a text\email service. You can choose to receive texts or emails from us. We tend to use it for announcements and reminders. It is especially helpful for sudden changes, such as cancelling classes or a time change.

 To sign up for Evangelus (if you are not already signed up) either:

a.      Go to eva.us/stmichael on a web page

a.      OR

b.     Text stmichael to 55321.


Fill out this info:


Name______________________________________   Date of Birth__________________________


Email:______________________________________  Text number:__________________________

I prefer _______Email       or _______text

My child(ren) is(are) in Class(es)________________________________________________________

2.     Follow us on Facebook:   Rectory St. Michael and CCD St. Michael’s

3.     We have a web page: www.saintmichaelplymouth.org

4.     The parish bulletin. It is given out at church after Mass, and it can be found on our webpage above by clicking on Parish Bulletin.